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"MOON STAR" - Swirly Ring

"MOON STAR" - Swirly Ring


Swirly Jewelry


• Non-toxic, Gold/Silver Plated jewelry

• One-size fits most

• Unique handcrafted jewelry with a versatile feature


• These fun & unique "Swirly Jewelry" pieces marketed by ABSTRACRAFT are a perfect item to gift to that special person in your life that you'd love to brighten their day! By gifting this interactive piece of jewelry, you can help someone avoid any nail picking, reduce anxiety & stress, and ease their minds as you "spin" away any negative thoughts!


> Reduce any stress & find your inner peace!


> One of a kind jewelry pieces including fun & interactive designs!


> Perfect for yourself or someone special in your life!






• For best results, avoid placing jewelry piece near/under an excessive amount of water/heat. Placing jewelry in either may damage piece over time, leaving piece in poor conditions.


• Try placing jewelry away from any debris-covered or dusty areas to maintain clean at all times and to not damage main spinner in the long term.





For any custom/personalized paintings & crafts, please send a message via:

Instagram - @Abstracraft

Email -


Thank you for stopping by and supporting my business!

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